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Bring your backyard, patio, or courtyard to life combining all elements of nature. These exquisite, harmonious outdoor centerpieces will be sure to please you, your family, and your guests year-round. Experience our unique outdoor Fire Features at their finest. Retro Fire Designs Fire Features, L.L.C., has strategically designed a submersible,stainless steel manifold which creates very unique fire features, specializing in Fire On Water.

We've teamed up with one of the largest fire feature companies to create Auto-Fire with our submersible manifold. The Auto-Fire system surpasses all expectations of a high tech, top of the line fire system. Fire designs can be created with water, fire glass, fire rock, and lava rock. (We specialize in and offer the system components.) Our durable system is designed to ensure that water does not intrude in the gas line. Our products have been thoroughly tested to withstand the elements of nature.

The Fire Fountain option allows you to light the water at any time, creating a spectacular Fire On Water feature. The beautiful flames literally come out of the water, hence our trademarked name 'Fire Fountain'. These elite features create beautiful centerpieces that are sure to attract people to them when lit. (Operated by Propane or Natural Gas)

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