Installation Instructions for Outdoor Living Spaces Fire Features

Submersible Electronic Ignition System (SUBEIS). (For use with Automated Fire ON the Water SURFACE Features).

Click here for the SUBEIS Manual (pdf)

System Components - Overview
AFOW-RM 18 (Submersible Manifold – Shown upside down)

Below is an illustration showing what the install of the SUBEIS will look like when complete. Operating Gas Pressure for Fire ON Water SURFACE Features : 1.5 to 2.0 psi (Natural Gas or Propane)

Gas Plumbing Transition (Underwater)

Below is an illustration showing the preferred method for transitioning from a gas line (housed inside a PVC sleeve) to the submerged SUBEIS system. This is by no means the only method of transitioning.

Installation – Steps

Pictured at left is the SUBEIS. Typically the first step to installing the components is to install the SUBEIS on the gas line inside the fire feature – all other components will then attach to the SUBEIS.

CAUTION The gas line MUST be purged of all dirt prior to installing the SUBEIS. Dirt in the line mixed with 2 psi gas is sure to clog the valve and cause it to leak when the system is turned off.